Tax Return Deadlines

2 years ago

December is traditionally a busy time for the licensed trade, with Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve and generally a heightened desire for people to socialise during the festive season.  Now that January has arrived and you’ve managed to catch your breath and restock the shelves, it’s time to think about submitting your tax return before the 31st January deadline.

We know that many businesses and individuals dread the thought of completing their tax return and are often confused about what they can claim as business expenses.  This is where we can help, as it’s an area that we have a great deal of experience in, especially with regards to the licensed trade.  With the deadline getting steadily closer, you need to contact us as soon as possible to ensure that we are able to process your tax return for you and ensure that you do not receive a late submission penalty, which is £100.

As well as receiving a penalty charge for missing the tax return deadline, you could also face prosecution for any incorrect figures supplied or failure to declare all income and capital gains.  We will be able to ensure that all income and expenses declared adhere to the guidelines proposed by HMRC, meaning that you can be confident that you are not breaking the law and are paying the correct amount of tax.

If you are dubious about paying Accountancy fees, we can guarantee that the amount you will pay us to handle your tax return for you, will be recouped in the time we save you in filing it yourself.  We also have indepth knowledge of the expenses you can claim, which are offset against your tax bill, saving you money.  Trusting us with your tax return, will mean that you can concentrate on what you do best driving your business forward.