How Can The World Cup Boost Pub Profits?

1 year ago

We all know the FIFA Wold Cup has a significant impact on the global economy, but from 14th June to 15th July your pub has the potential to thrive and increase its profit! With more people taking to their local pubs to celebrate, watch and enjoy the matches with fellow football fans there is a real opportunity to improve your sales and take advantage of the World Cup. The Home Office has said; “The World Cup is an occasion of exceptional national significance”, so licensing laws will be relaxed, allowing our pubs to stay open late during the England matches that kick-off at 20:00 BST or later. With clever marketing strategies and an expert accountant, planning ahead for the matches with advertisements, promotions and special offers will let your punters know what ‘World Cup Specials’ you are organising, giving you a head start.

Your marketing strategy for this event is key to your pubs success. Like any events management, promoting features such as a ‘Big Screen’, ‘World Cup Specials’ on the Menu, ‘Themes and Decoration’ and of course a decent selection of ‘Good Quality Beers’ and ‘Summer Refreshments’ will all help drive customers into your pub and keep them there. The idea behind your marketing is to offer people a good experience in your pub and one that sets you aside from your competitors.

As well as clever marketing strategies it is important to consider the practical side of events management; stocktaking, staffing, security, pricing and focusing your attention to the front of house. To do this, you will need expert knowledge and experience, which is where CMS Accountancy can help. It can be difficult to second guess stock for big events, but there is nothing worse than running out on the night. CMS can offer a full specialised licensed trade accountancy service to ensure that your business runs smoothly, giving you the time necessary to focus on front of house and creating that all important atmosphere for the big games. 

At CMS we have a deep understanding of what makes a pub successful and will be happy to assist. So, if you would like to discuss any of these strategies further or simply want to put your pub at the heart of a great national event, why not give our friendly team a call and let us advise and manage your financial services ahead of the games, giving you piece of mind!

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