Accountancy Packages

Our expanding Payroll Department

We offer a variety of accountancy packages for large and small businesses throughout the UK. Depending on your business needs, we’ll provide the service and support dependent on your business needs:

Flexible payment plan

Giving you the full flexibility of services when you need support but allowing you to control your financial commitment.

For further details and to talk through our various accounting packages, please call us on 0121 730 2269 or email

Call us on 0121 730 2269

How Can The World Cup Boost Pub Profits?

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2018/2019 Tax Year – Rates and Thresholds for Employers

The new tax year is approaching and it signals new rates for the national living wage and statutory pay, also new thresholds where employees start paying tax and national insurance. As staff are the most important asset to the licensed...

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Tax Return Deadlines

December is traditionally a busy time for the licensed trade, with Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve and generally a heightened desire for people to socialise during the festive season.  Now that January has arrived and you’ve managed to catch your...

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